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Live Games

  • Total: 387
  • Wins: 198
  • Losses: 170
  • Draws: 19
  • Lifetime Total: 1205
  • Current Rating: 1514
  • Highest Rating: 1684 (15 Jun 2003)
  • Lowest Rating: 1458 (05 Oct 2002)
  • Correspondence Games

  • Total: 288
  • Wins: 173
  • Losses: 98
  • Draws: 17
  • Lifetime Total: 453
  • Current Rating: 1749
  • Highest Rating: 1885 (22 Apr 2004)
  • Lowest Rating: 1640 (02 Nov 2002)
  • Name: Robert Botelho

    Age: 25     Gender: Male

    Location: Stationed in South Korea

    Hobbies/Interests: guitar, skydiving, running, video games, and chess

    Favorite Players: Fischer, Morphy, Tal, Capablanca

    Favorite Openings: Did you know 1. a4!! is a forced win for White?

    "You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
    You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill.
    I will choose a path that's clear; I will choose freewill."

    From the song "Freewill" by Rush, the greatest power trio to ever grace the world of music. Lyrics are by Neil Peart.

    Remember, if your opponent tries to complicate the position, he thinks he is losng. If he tries to avoid complication at all costs, he thinks you are losing.

    The first is a game in which I hang one of my knights in exchange for a safe King and a not-so-safe opponent's King. My opponent's King spends the whole game on the run until it gets trapped in my corner.

    The second game is a game I probably should not have lost but did because I overlooked my opponent's threat to my King, believing that my threat was greater. In actuality, Black's King spends a good part of the game without a legal move, but that doesn't mean anything if you have no way of giving check.

    The third game was a G/10, and it's obvious my opponent's strategy was to employ a wild, illogical, unconventional opening in the hopes that I'd spend too much time thinking on the moves and lose on time. It was working for a while, but eventually he pays for leaving his King in the middle of the board.

    In the fourth game, my opponent decides to bring his queen out early for a mating threat. He wins a piece in the process, but his entire queenside stays undeveloped for virtually the whole game and his King gets caught in the middle of the board. I end up winning quite convincingly.

    The fifth game is one I didn't think would ever end. My opponent is ahead in material, but is unable to force anything through without giving some back. He finally decides to sac a rook to push one of his pawns through to queen. I won't spoil the suprise, but I remember being quite proud of the way I pulled this one out.

    Game six was relatively short, but pretty wild. We both got attacks going on each other's King, but I just had a little head start on him and got to his King before he got to mine, and with (a rarity for me) a very nice Rook sacrifice.

    Game seven was a hard fought loss for me. We got this one down to an endgame where I had two Rooks to his Queen, but he had two extra pawns and was able to check my King almost at will. This gave him plenty of tempi to set one of his pawns up to get pushed through. A good loss against a tough opponent.

    Game eight is a wild one, and one that shows that sometimes a pawn that isn't passed yet can be as dangerous as one that is.

    Game nine was played against someone who was rated around 400 points higher than me, and who had just finished tearing me a new one. I guess this one took him by suprise, because as soon as he saw that his Rook was about to get snapped off the board, he "mysteriously" disconnected.

    One lesson to be learned in game 10....and this is a theme that appears twice in the game: Always look beyond the obvious capture.

    Game 11 was the first time I ever beat chessorgolf, and it was a pretty wild and tactical game.

    Game 12 didn't start out promising at all. I make a fingerslip on my second move and move the wrong pawn, and end up screwing up my entire development against someone rated almost 200 points higher. Once I finally get my pieces untangled, however, I play my ass off to get the win.

    Favorite Games

    1.Razorheart  --  Pawn00doh    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 25 Jan 2001
    2.Razorheart  --  JanMatthies    [0-1]
    Corr 20/30, 24 Jan 2001
    3.Razorheart  --  dragonheart29    [1-0]
    Live G/10, 27 Jan 2001
    4.VigilanteMan  --  Razorheart    [0-1]
    Live 30/30, 28 Jan 2001
    5.Razorheart  --  acehigh    [1-0]
    Live 30/30, 18 Dec 1999
    6.Dimonyo  --  Freewill    [0-1]
    Live 30/15, 04 Feb 2001
    7.ROBBINGJ  --  Freewill    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 06 Feb 2001
    8.Freewill  --  kristjan    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 20 Feb 2001
    9.Freewill  --  Spacecake    [1-0]
    Live 30/15, 19 Feb 2001
    10.Freewill  --  Geckoman    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 05 Apr 2001
    11.Freewill  --  chessorgolf    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 14 Nov 2002
    12.RonaldReaganHero  --  Freewill    [0-1]
    Live 30/15, 12 Mar 2003
    13.Freewill  --  Keller    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 30 May 2003
    14.Freewill  --  procyk    [1/2-1/2]
    Corr 20/20, 04 Nov 2003
    15.Freewill  --  Ippolit    [1-0]
    Corr 20/30, 29 Oct 2003

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