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  • Total: 1311
  • Wins: 607
  • Losses: 667
  • Draws: 37
  • Lifetime Total: 1753
  • Current Rating: 1441
  • Highest Rating: 1493 (25 Aug 2000)
  • Lowest Rating: 1169 (20 Jun 1999)
  • Correspondence Games

  • Total: 393
  • Wins: 204
  • Losses: 153
  • Draws: 36
  • Lifetime Total: 449
  • Current Rating: 1825
  • Highest Rating: 1850 (29 May 2006)
  • Lowest Rating: 1217 (13 Dec 1999)
  • Name: Southern Comfort

    Age: 30        Gender: Male

    Location: Wheeling WV

    Hobbies/Interests: Chess, Traveling, Math, Physics, and Dance

    Favorite Players: Cannabis ---He taught me everything I know

    Favorite Openings: Guioco Piano as White. Anything as Black!

    I first logged on to Caissa at the encouragement of Cannabis, a fellow physics student at Wheeling Jesuit University, in the fall of 1998. It was a BB post that convinced me to join. ByteMe/JJMontgomery's famous "Admin doens't want me to curse" post. After trying in vain for several months to snag the provisional handle Hollywood, I chose SouthernComfort on a whim, and after drinking too much of it, in early January 1999. I liked it, and on Fat Tuesday of that year--shameless plug--I paid my dues and became a member.

    So far there have been a Comfort, CouthernSomfort, and NorthernComfort, so I know that I had made a mark on the site.

    Myself and Cannabis at SlugDay 2000. Click the picture to expand your vocabulary!

    Tired of only attracting affluent white couples, Delta takes a new and suprising advertising twist. Click the link to find out how!

    SouthernComfort Cares About the Enviroment!
    In honor of Comrade Krasny's wonderful "Recipes Page", for which I have a commadation for my diligence in investigation, I invite you to checkout recipes involving Southern Comfort. I would link the page but they require you to imput your age to view the site. I also have my own recipe for "Wheeling Island Iced Tea" Add a shot of SoCo per 8 oz of water and 3 tablespoons of instant iced tea mix. All of the buzz of "Long Island Iced Tea", none of the hastle of gathering and measuring up to 7 ingredients.
    ...And yes, there such a place as Wheeling Island.

    Click the Mystery Machine for info on Shaggy's new tell-all book that could bring down the movie!

    I invite you to check out the Favorite Games section. This portion of MIP's is often ignored, but I went to the trouble of annotating almost all of them for your roll licking pleasure. I've always heard that to improve you must analyze your losses. I found that not to be the case, almost any game can be analyzed and I've had a lot of success analyzing my own wins. I think attacking players are always looking for ways to better set up and execute attacks. Analyzing losses leads to more positional play, because we inevitably find "safer" moves rather than better ones. Besides, do we really want the Muzio Gambits and Wing Gambits to vanish from chess entirely? Check out the SoCo-Pen game. It always serves as a good reminder to me why I study this game.

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