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Abrahams, Gerald
Not Only Chess (1974, 1st, NF/VG+)

Alekhine, Alexander
The World Chess Championship, 1937 (1973, VG-/wraps)

Brady, Frank
Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy (1989, VG+/wraps)

Bronstein, David
200 Open Games (1974, 1st American ed., VG+/NF-, much marked)

Capablanca, Jose
Chess Fundamentals (1934, VG/no dj)

Chernov, Irving
The Chess Companion (1968, 1st, VG+/VG+)

Chernov, Irving, and Fred Reinfeld, eds.
The Fireside Book of Chess (1949, VG/no dj)
Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played, The (1965, 2nd, VG/wraps)
Chess East and West Past and Present (1968, G/wraps)

Cockburn, Alexander
Idle Passion: Chess and the Dance of Death (1974, 1st, NF-/VG+)

de Firmian, Nick
Modern Chess Openings (1999, 14th ed., VG+/wraps)

Euwe, Max
Strategy and Tactics in Chess (1937, 1st American ed., VG+/VG-)

Fine, Rueben
Chess The Easy Way (1942, 1st, VG-/no dj)
Ideas Behind the Chess Openings (1943, 1st, VG/VG)
Psychology of the Chess Player, The (1967, VG/wraps)

Fischer, Bobby
Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games (1968, 1st, G/VG-)

Forbes, Cathy
Meet the Masters (1994, VG+/wraps)

Harston, William
How to Cheat at Chess (1994, NF-/wraps)

Hochberg, Burt ed.
The 64 Square Looking Glass: The Great Game of Chess in
World Literature (1993, 1st, NF/NF)

Hooper and Whyld
The Oxford Companion to Chess (1996, 2nd ed., VG/wraps)

Horowitz, I.A.
All About Chess (1972, 3rd printing, VG-/wraps)
World Chess Championship--A History, The (1973, 3rd, NF-/no dj)

Horowitz, I.A. and P.L. Rothenberg
Personality of Chess, The (1962, 1st, VG+/VG+)

Kasparov, Garry
Garry Kasparov Unlimited Challenge (1990, 1st American ed., NF/NF-)

Khodarkovsky, Michael and Leonid Shamkovich
A New Era: How Garry Kasparov Changed the World of Chess (1997, 1st, Fine/wraps)

Korn, Walter and Nick de Firmian
Modern Chess Openings (1990, 13th ed, NF-/VG+)

Kotov, Alexander
Alexander Alekhine (1975, 1st, VG/wraps)

Krogus, Nikolai
Psychology in Chess(1976, 1st(?), VG+/VG+)

Lasker, Edward
The Adventure of Chess (1959, 2nd, G+/wraps)
Chess and Checkers (1928, VG-/no dj)

Lawson, Dominic
End Game: Kasparov v. Short (1994, 1st, NF/NF)

Lombardy, William and David Daniels
Chess Panorama (1975, 1st, NF/NF-)
Guide To Tournament Chess (1978)
US Championship Chess (1975, VG/VG-)

Murray, H.J.R.
A History of Chess (Undated, Benjamin Press,

Northampton, MA VG+/no dj)

Neverov, Valery and Peter Marusenko
New Ideas in the Sveshnikov Sicilian (1996, 1st American ed., NF-/wraps)

Nimzowitsch, Aron
My System (1930, 1st, G+/no dj)

Norwood, David
Vishy Anand--Chess Super Talent (1995, 1st American ed., NF-/wraps)

Reinfeld, Fred
How To Get More Out of Chess (1957, VG/VG)
Human Side Of Chess, The (1952, 1st(?), VG+/VG+)
Joys of Chess, The (1961, 1st(?), VG/VG)
Treasury of Chess Lore, The (1959, VG-/wraps)

Saidy, Anthony and Norman Lessing
The World of Chess (1974, NF/NF-)

Schiller, Eric
Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom (1999, 1st, New/wraps)

Schonberg, Harold C.
Grandmasters of Chess (1973, 1st, NF-/VG+)

Sohl, Jerry
Underhanded Chess (1973, 3rd, NF-/wraps)

Steiner, George
Fields of Force (1974, VG/VG)

Taimanov, Mark
The Sicilian Defense Taimanov System (1989, 1st, NF-/wraps)

Tal, Mikhail
Life and Games of Mikhail Tal, The (1997, NF/wraps)

Waitzkin, Fred
Mortal Games: The Turbulent Genius of Garry Kasparov (1993, 1st, NF-/NF-)
Searching For Bobby Fischer (1988, 1st, NF-/VG)

Winter, Edward
Chess Explorations (1998, reprint, NF/wraps)

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